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Freemasons for Freemasonry

PS Review of Freemasonry. The Masonic magazine made by Freemasons

The premier Educational Resource for the FREEMASONS written in 5 languages


Educational Masonic site Certificate    Educational Masonic Site    Educational Masonic Site

This certificate is granted to a Masonic Website oriented to masonic education for new and already members.
Provide a basic knowledge of Freemasonry for new members with more information about the Fraternity, its structure, practices, symbolism, philosophy, history. Offer suggestive approaches for further research for already members.

How to get certification: newanimated.gif - 1169 Bytes 2012 REQUIREMENTS

- Only websites that have registered their own domain name are entitled for certification.

- Your web site must be entirely ad free.

- The website must be spiderable by the search engines.

- As a general guideline, the site has not to be frame based or dynamically generated with a URL that has more than 2 passed variables.

- The website must be oriented to masonic education for new and already members.

- Lodge websites can apply if they have a Masonic education section or a page focused on various aspects of Masonic education.

  Please do not apply if your lodge website doesn't fulfill the above mentioned condition: you can always add a link to your site in our Directory of Masonic Sites.

- Only Webmasters can apply for this certificate.

Anyway PS Review of Freemasonry staff constantly reviews Masonic Sites on the net and quarterly awards with this certificate.

A Link to the Index of Masonic Websites Certified Educational is in our free Quartely Newsletter.
Currently 20.000 subscribers circa.

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Only Masonic Webmasters can apply for this certificate.


Your Grand Lodge:

Your E-MAIL:

Re-type Your E-mail :

Title of the Website:

URL of the Website:

Please provide a brief summary of your Masonic Website:
Please provide password, if your site has a restricted access area.

We will reply as soon as we have a chance to examine the website submitted. (Usually no more then one week!)

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PS Review of Freemasonry

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