Review of Freemasonry

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Collection of videos regarding several aspects of Freemasonry
History, Symbolism, Rituals, Modern Aspects of the Craft

Gerald Really - The Da Vinci Code

Candid's Column by Gerald Really - The Da Vinci Code from PS Review of Freemasonry on Vimeo.

A presentation of Da Vinci Code: descriptions of artworks, architecture, documents and secret ritual in Dan Brown's novel are accurate. Gerald Reilly explains why

Alain Bernheim - Une Certaine Idée de la Franc-Maçonnerie
Julian Rees - The Way to the Centre

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Robert Cooper - The truth about the Nazi-Fascist persecution of Freemasons
Yasha Beresiner - Origins & Development of Royal Arch Masonry in England

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Alain Bernheim - Entretien avec Alain Bernheim, historien de la Franc-Maçonnerie, qui revient sur les origines opérative et spéculative du courant initiatique, la naissance des différentes obédiences en Europe et leurs enjeux sociaux et politiques.

courtesy of BAGLIS TV

Brent Morris - A Timeline of High-Degree Masonry

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Andrew Prescott - The Old Charges Revisited

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William Almeida DeCarvalho - The Lausanne Congress

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