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When I look out over a Lodge or Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons.
by MW Bro. Nelson King, FPS, BF.
Editor, The Philalethes Society
Past Grand Master [Hon] of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

Nelson King was appointed Assistant Editor in 1992 and Editor in August 1994 of The Philalethes Society Journal of Masonic Research and Letters, the first non-United States Citizen to hold these positions. He is also only the second Mason to ever hold the position of President and Editor of The Philalethes at the same time.
Nelson developed the highly successful Internet Masonic Leadership Course. His book "Confessions of a Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason" has become a Masonic Best Seller. VoicePrint®, The National Broadcast Reading Service Inc. an international broadcasting reading service for the visually impaired has recorded some of his historical articles. He is also one of the few Canadian Freemasons, listed in latest Edition of the "Who is Who" of Freemasonry.

When I look out over a Lodge or Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons, what do I see? I do not see black men, black masons, or even Prince Hall Masons. I just see men. I just see Masons.

My Brethren while you have every right and justification to be proud of Prince Hall and your heritage as Prince Hall Masons, remember you are first men and Masons. And I have no doubt that you are my equal as a man and a Mason.

As Freemasons you have the right and responsibility to be recognized and accepted by all "Regular" Grand Lodges as such. Those regular Grand Lodges who have not fully accepted you as equals are negligent in their Duties to the Craft, to the Most High, and to all of mankind. Be ye not negligent by not vigorously seeking full recognition from all Regular Grand Lodges.

I have grave doubts about those Grand Lodges who enter in "agreements" about Recognition. Recognition is Recognition and everything that goes with it.

Just as you cannot be a "little pregnant" you are pregnant or you are not, you cannot have little recognition or part recognition. There can be no strings attached to recognition. Either you recognize the other party or you don't.

To those Grand Masters of Grand Lodges who have yet to be recognized, I say do not turn away the hand of Friendship and Brotherly Love that has been extended to you. Do not be impolite or rude by ignoring the two letters, and one handwritten note you got from the other side. Do not pontificate that you "do not believe in recognition." All that does is show that you do not understand or comprehend what recognition is. Because in reality you do believe in recognition for you recognize some 45 other Prince Hall Grand Lodges and do not recognize the other 250 plus black Grand Lodges in the USA.

Eleanor Roosevelt, said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

My Brethren you are not inferior or superior you are Masons and have every right to be treated as such. For those who have been Recognized, get out your Lodges, get out of your District, get out of your State, get out of your country, and visit those who have so far accepted you as Masons. It is a big Masonic world out there and get out, experience it and enjoy it. Who knows you may meet a Brother who will become a lifelong Friend. I know that I have. And those you have yet not reaped the joy of Recognition, work on it. For we as Masons all believe in Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. 

We have forgotten just how uncomplicated Freemasonry is.

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