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Dec. 10, 2007 - Livingston Library Events: The State of Masonic Education


Livingston Library Events

December 10, 2007, 6 pm

The Masonic Library of the Grand Lodge of New York presents a Dinner Lecture.

"The State Of Masonic Education"
a lecture and discussion presented by a panel of Masonic researchers and scholars from Quatuor Coronati Lodge in London. 
The Quatuor Coronati Lodge, warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England, is the premier lodge of Masonic research, having been founded in 1884. Membership is by invitation and is limited to forty.

Speakers include:
* S. Brent Morris (Worshipful Master, and the first native-born American to hold that office)
* Peter Currie (Senior Warden and Editor of AQC)
* Yasha Beresiner (Past Master, lecturer and published author)
* Trevor Stewart (Past Master and Prestonian Lecturer)
* John Wade (Sheffield University's Centre for Research into Freemasonry)

More information and forms at

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