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2007 AMMLA Congress - Paris, May 3rd-6th -- AMMLA: The Statutes


Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives in Europe





Thursday, May 3rd


Afternoon : arrival


Evening :     short visit of the Grande Loge Nationale de France

                     Buffet - Cocktails



                        rue Christine de Pisan, 12 - 18,  75017  PARIS


Friday, May 4th






                        rue Christine de Pisan, 12 - 18,  75017  PARIS


-         opening of the 2007 Congress  – welcoming address by François Geissmann

-         presentation by the different institutions of their 2006/2007 activities

-         visit of the Grande Loge Nationale de France

-         conference  : Diane Clements : project 1913


12.00 h. : short ride by coach to the Grand Orient de France where we are offered lunch.



                        Rue Cadet, 16,  75009  PARIS




-         visit of the Grand Orient de France

-         Conference : Michel Brodsky : Freemasonry in Belgium during the The Dutch Period, 1815 – 1830.

-         Debate on the table lodges

-         AMMLA Administration :

      report of the Chairman : Roland Martin Hanke

report of the Secretary : Frank Langenaken : European recognition, dictionary, …

report of the Treasurer : Jacques Labby,

report of the Webmaster : Joris Claereboudt

-             Powerpoint presentation : The Russian collection of the G.L. of Norway


Evening :  free 



Saturday  May 5th




                       Rue Puteaux, 8,  75017 PARIS




-         Conference : Rüdiger Wolf : The Mozart exhibition – feedback/conclusions

-         Conference : Roland Hanke : The Museum of Bayreuth

-         Conference : Joris Claereboudt : The AMMLA website  

-         Closing of the Congress – selection of items for next year



12.00 h.  lunch in the restaurant of the Grande Loge de France





-         visit of the Grand Loge de France

-         visit of the exhibition “ The Officers of the Lodge”

-         suggestions for 2008

-         adjournment address.




Dinner party at the “ Cercle Automobile Club de France”  near the Place de La Concorde



Sunday May 5th


Nothing is planned for the moment   departure





-         On Thursday evening – Friday noon – Saturday noon and Saturday evening :

      dinners and lunches are offered by the institutions in charge of the Congress.

      Please notice : not on Friday evening  -  that evening is free –


-         For those who don’t attend the Congress : Possibility to have a guided tour of Paris led by Pierre Mollier’s and François Rognon’s wives.




AMMLA: The Statutes


§ 1: Organization

The name of this organization is, "Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives in Europe” and can be abbreviated as: "AMMLA."

§ 2: Mission

The mission of AMMLA is to assist and foster, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort and other means, management and preservation and promotion of the masonic heritage.

§ 3: Membership

Membership comprises:

(1)   Institutions charged with the collection, management, preservation and promotion of the Masonic heritage (each a “Member”)

(2)   Individual founders of AMMLA – each a “Founder Member” 

(3)   former representatives of institutions charged with the collection, management, preservation and promotion of the Masonic heritage (each an “Honorary Member”)

Each Member and Founder Member has one vote.

§ 4: Committee

(1) The Committee comprises the following officers:

a)      The Chairman of AMMLA

b)      The Secretary

c)      The Treasurer

d)      Any other officers as determined by the Committee; such decision to be ratified at the next annual meeting


(2) Term of office

The officers serve a term of three years and are elected or re-elected at an Annual Meeting. They shall perform the duties of their respective offices until their successors are installed.


(3) Duties

a)      The Chairman presides over and directs all activities of the AMMLA

b)      The Secretary keeps the minutes of meetings, deals with correspondence and circulates information as directed.

c)      The Treasurer receives money paid to AMMLA into a bank account in the name of AMMLA, pays any expenses as approved by both the Chairman and the Secretary, keeps an accurate record of income and expenditure, presents financial reports to the Committee and prepares an annual financial statement and budget for the Annual Meeting

(4) Congress Co-ordinator

A representative of the organisation hosting the Annual Meeting and Congress shall be co-opted on to the Committee at the preceding Annual Meeting and shall serve for the year up to and including the Congress which is hosted.


§ 5: Meetings

An Annual Meeting shall be held on a date and in a place agreed by the Members and Founder Members which will usually be part of the Annual Congress

Special Meetings may be called either by the Committee or by at least one third of the Members and Founder Members jointly subject to 60 days notice being given to Members and Founder Members

A quorum shall be 50 percent of the Members


§ 6: Annual Meeting

The agenda of the Annual Meeting shall include:

(1)               To elect the Committee (at least every three years)

(2)               To agree upon the admission of new Members by the majority

(3)               To approve the financial report and the budget

(4)               To fix the fee payable by Members  for the following year

(5)               To agree on  policies and plans including consideration of the general purposes of AMMLA

Any decision to amend these Statutes can only be made with the agreement of at least two thirds of the Members and Founder Members present.


§7: Dissolution

Any decision to dissolve AMMLA can only be taken with the agreement of at least two thirds of the Members and Founder Members jointly. The remaining assets must be given to an organisation sharing the purpose of the AMMLA.



LONDON FREEMASONSHALL -  Saturday 9th July 2005

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