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Canonbury Masonic Research Centre 2006 Conference


The Eighth International Conference organised by

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre

Saturday & Sunday 4-5 November 2006

The Knowledge of the Heart:

Gnostic Movements & Secret Traditions

Call for Papers

Contributions are invited from scholars of all disciplines, whether Freemasons or not. Papers should contain hitherto unpublished research, and may be wide-ranging as to the content, chronology, and treatment of Gnostic Movements and Secret Traditions.

Gnosticism, which was closely related to the Hermetic Tradition, arose within the Church in its identifiable forms in the second century, as a group of heterodox schools of thought that had originally developed within earlier pagan religious circles. The diverse forms of Gnosticism are characterised by their dualist beliefs, and by their reliance on revealed knowledge (gnosis) rather than on grace as the means of salvation. However, in the course of the last century the term Gnosticism has been applied to the philosophy and spirituality of a far wider range of esoteric movements. It is anticipated that the range of papers presented at the conference will reflect this broader view.

This conference will therefore seek to consider, in a scholarly manner, not only approaches to Gnosticism and related movements as an historical phenomenon, but also in its broader sense, as a continuing philosophical and religious influence on present day spiritual movements including Freemasonry.

More info:

Canonbury Masonic Research Centre

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