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A new Masonic museum opened in Florence, Italy


The Museum of Masonic Symbols

Address: Via dell'Orto, 7, Florence, Italy
Opening hours: Monday-Friday:15.00-19.30
                        Saturday-Sunday:10.00-13.00/ 15.00-19.30
Ticket: €7,00

The Collection on display comes from the passion and love of a Brother to the ritual objects and symbols etched, embroidered, applied, printed or engraved on these items. The Collection begun and continued for three/four generations of Masonic membership and is now presented and offered in Florence, where in 1731 was founded the First Italian Masonic Lodge, known as: “The Lodge of the English-people”.

In an environment in the historical centre of Firenze and a few hundred meters from the well known “Via Maggio”, where was founded the First Italian Masonic Lodge that met in a tavern and hotel. The premises and structures of that first Masonic Temple were built with beams of spruce forest of Vallombrosa.

The exhibition houses more than ten thousand objects from around the world. There are dresses, aprons, belts, glasses, bottles, porcelain, pins, ties, stamps, photos, posters, documents, books, diaries, registration forms, glass slides, magic lanterns.

Most objects can be defined as Masonic archaeology. There are in fact exposed objects dating from the end of 1700 to the present. The oldest object is a French apron from the end of 1700, buried during the Second World War to hide the Nazi-Fascists.

Many are the curiosities and peculiarities, every object has his own history, a meaning.

The core was collected in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, South Africa, France, England, Scotland, Ireland and, of course, Italy.

Upstairs are reconstructed in detail the Cabinet of Reflection, where one starts to take the first steps in Freemasonry, and a faithful and complete reconstruction, in its small Scottish Rite Temple, of an operating Lodge which can accommodate 15 brothers, with symbols and instruments of the three Masonic degrees: Apprentice, Companion, Master.

On the ground floor are displayed images and documents of writers, poets, musicians, painters, politicians, heroes who fought for their country: by the framers of the French Revolution to the legendary pioneers of the American West, by the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento until famous movie actors like John Wayne.

The Documentation Center that collects periodicals, documents, patents and certificates of membership, Rituals of various orders and grades, movies, books, in various languages, will be available by appointment for consultation, investigation and study, for those who request it.

Museum Website:

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