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Manchester Association for Masonic Research - 2012 Programme


Manchester Association for Masonic Research - 2012 Programme

The theme for 2012 is "Learning from the old and the new" as viewed internationally.
Our new President, Dr Richard Johnson, is an avid explorer of the riches of Freemasonry. As one of the leaders of Brigantes Lodge 9734 he is always keen to capture more and more for the delight and surprise of his tribe, and now brings that enterprise to bear on the Manchester Association. His Inaugural Address will explore how Freemasonry arrived and developed on native American soil.
In March we shall have the rare opportunity of learning how Freemasonry took root on the French terroir and of its quite different courses there. This will not simply dwell upon the past, though knowledge of past barriers to social aspiration in France is essential to a sympathetic understanding, but will valuably review the current state of play. This is most timely. The difficulties within UGLE's former solely-recognised constitution, the GLNF, have given rise to considerations of great moment. Pierre Mollier, as a leading authority (see his Wikipedia entry), will guide us meaningfully through the astonishingly-broad landscape which is French Freemasonry today. Such up-to-date commentary from a masonic researcher was never more important than now. It will, notably, also be our final meeting within the original Bridge Street Freemasons' Hall.
The annual Association meeting will take place in Kendal, this time on a Saturday. Ladies will be able to enjoy the many interesting shops in this old town before re-joining us for dinner at 6 pm. The afternoon will provide much visual enjoyment and innocent food for thought for Association members over a nice cup of tea. The date for the September meeting has also been altered. This is to take advantage of the visit of the Grand Master of Utah to our shores. Our WM is closely associated with the A&ASR in Utah. He has successfully prevailed upon the GM to sketch the background of Freemasonry in that somewhat-exotic State, so different climatically from our own dear Pennine fringe. This will be the first occasion when we have entertained a recognized Grand Master (though we can admit to having previously welcomed an irregular Grand Mistress).
November's meeting will revert to our usual fourth Tuesday. Trevor Stewart is well-known in many parts of the world as an attractive and erudite speaker. He will reflect upon two very early poems which he has come across. These formed the subject of his oral presentation at the second International Conference on the History of Freemasonry in Edinburgh. MAMR will be the first to record them and their significance in print. By this we may pick up strongly that Masonic history and fame precedes 1717!
What Manchester does today....

John Acaster
Programme Secretary

Freemasons' Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester will be undergoing major alterations from April onwards. Consequently meetings during that period will be held elsewhere and with changed dates, as below:

Tuesday, 24 January, Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BT

Installation and Inaugural Address

To the New World Dr Richard Johnson, PPrGSwdB (C&W), PProv JGD (W Lancs)

A paper looking at the development of Freemasonry in the American colonies from the early days, and its spread across the continent.

Wednesday, 28 March, Bridge Street

The French Masonic Landscape Pierre Mollier, Director of the Library, Museum and Archives of the Grand Orient de France, Paris. Editor-in-Chief of Renaissance Traditionelle.

"As in many fields, the misunderstandings between England and France are based mainly on ignorance. Masonic life of the brethren, Masonic bodies, and the relationships between them -even landmarks- everything is different on this side of the Channel! After a short digest of French Masonic history I will present the main Grand Lodges and their recent history, and explain what it means to be a Mason in France today."

Saturday 2 June, Kendal Masonic Hall, Station Road, Kendal LA9 6BT

Association Meeting to be held at 12 noon. By kind permission of the PGM and Brethren of the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland

The 18th century Tracing Cloths of Union Lodge No 129 are displayed on the wall of the Kendal lodge room. They are thought to have been purchased in 1772 and were inspected by Bro Terry Haunch when he was Grand Librarian. Terry considered that they may be among the oldest surviving cloths in the English Constitution. The cloth for the 1st Degree has similarities to our present-day Tracing Board but those of the 2nd and 3rd Degrees are very different. A buffet lunch will be provided.

Afterwards at 3pm there will be a meeting of Brigantes Lodge No 9734 for those who wish to stay. This will be followed by a dinner at 6 pm to which ladies are also very welcome. All should be completed by 8.30 pm. In Wallace and Gromit parlance: "A Grand Day Out".

Monday, 10 September, Hemsley House, The Crescent, Salford M5 4PE

From the New World -Freemasonry in Utah, USA Frank Baker, MWGM of Utah

The development of Utah as a territory and then as a State, and the influx of early lodges will be covered, leading up to the formation of the Grand Lodge. Also included will be the later enlargement of Freemasonry in the State, together with mention of some famous Utah Masons.

Tuesday, 27 November, Hemsley House, Salford

Two Poets sing: New Clues about 17th-Century Scottish Masonry Trevor Stewart, Past Prestonian Lecturer (2004), PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 (London); PM Sir Robert Moray Lodge (Edinburgh)

Bro Stewart has discovered two Scots poems praising Masonry, one dated 1690 and the other 1711. They have not been published since then and are important within Masonic history. A scoop!

Note: The wearing of regalia will be necessary at every meeting (if full advantage is taken in June).

Dining:- Members and visitors who wish to dine after the meeting MUST notify the General Secretary NOT LATER than FOUR clear days before, enclosing the dining fee of 21 (drinks excluded) per person. Cheques should be made payable to 'MAMR Dining Account' and sent to:
John R Astbury, 7 Randolph Road, Kearsley, Bolton BL4 8EB


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