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The Quatuor Coronati Lodge #2076 EC Education Initiative 2012/13





Quatuor Coronati Lodge, the Premier Lodge of Research in the world, is organising a series of seminars which are intended to encourage, promote and generally enthuse brethren who are interested in learning more about Freemasonry in general and who want to know how to undertake simple research and use primary sources. This will be achieved by a series of lectures, discussion groups and individual assistance where necessary.


Details of this new and exciting venture are attached


Yasha Beresiner





No. 2076

The Premier Lodge of Masonic Research




A Three Day Seminar


5th November 2012, 7th January 2013 and 18th March 2013


You are invited to attend! Each of the three days will comprise brief lectures followed by long discussions presented by members of QC Lodge and the staff of the Library & Museum of Freemasonry. The lectures will cover:

The Essence of Research
Guidelines and Directives to Students
Selecting a Subject
Presentation of a Written Paper
Presentation of a Verbal Paper
Masonic Newspapers and other Library resources
Using the Museum Collections
Inside the Library & Museum Archives

Please request a brochure and application form from

Bro Gordon Davie, QC Lodge Secretary, 22 Stone Rd, Bromley Kent BR2 0AU

Tel: 0208 460 2975



Download the application form

"There is no greater service we can render than in helping to foster a genuine love
for the Craft, based on a better understanding of its origins, customs and practices."


QCCC Registered Office: 60 Great Queen Street London WC2B 5BA

Telephone 020 7405 7340 Facsimile 020 7404 8131 Reg: No 1170204 (England)



Quatuor Coronati Lodge Education Initiative



MONDAY 5th November 2012 6.00 pm for 6.15 start

(Committee Room C)

6.15 Welcome & Introduction by the Chairman: Yasha Beresiner

6.30 The Essence of Research Dr James Campbell

6.50 Discussion

7.30 Guidelines and Directives to Students Dr Trevor Stewart

7.50 Discussion

8.30-8.45 Close, but coffee & time for more discussion available.

MONDAY 7th January 2013 6.00 pm for 6.15 start.

(Committee Room C)

6.15 Welcome by the Chairman:

6.30 Selecting a Subject Prof Roger Burt

6.50 Discussion and Questions

7.15 Presentation of a Written Paper Dr John Wade

7.35 Presentation of a Verbal Paper Robert Cooper

7.55 Discussion

8.30-8.45 Close, but coffee & time for more discussion available

MONDAY 18th March 2013 6.00 pm for 6.15 start.

(Library & Museum)

6.15 Welcome by Diane Clements

6.20 Behind the Headlines: Masonic Newspapers and other Library resources: Martin Cherry

6.45 Veiled in allegory but illustrated by objects: studying freemasonry using Museum collections: Mark Dennis

7.10-7.20 Break

7.20 Inside the Archive Susan Snell

7.45 - 8.30 Discussion etc






Yasha Beresiner, LLB Past Master QC Lodge 2076

Prof Roger Burt, BSc (Econ), PhD, FRHistS, FGS, FIMMM QC Lodge 2076

Dr James W.P. Campbell MA DipArch PhD FSA RIBA IHBC, Fellow in Architecture and History of Art, Cambridge Prestonian Lecturer (2011),

Martin Cherry, Librarian Library & Museum of Freemasonry

Diane Clements, Director Library and Museum of Freemasonry

Robert L D Cooper, Librarian & Curator Grand Lodge of Scotland Library & Museum, Senior Warden QC Lodge 2076

Mark Dennis, Curator Library & Museum of Freemasonry
Susan Snell, Archivist and Records Manager Library & Museum of Freemasonry

Dr Trevor Stewart, MLitt, PhD Past Master QC Lodge 2076, Prestonian Lecturer (2004)

Dr John Wade, BA, MA, PhD Past Master QC Lodge 2076, Prestonian Lecturer (2009)


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