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The Commission on Information for Recognition: 2011 Report


The Commission on Information for Recognition
2011 Report

The two groups representing the Grand Lodge of Baja California have now worked out an agreement that has unified them again into one regular Grand Lodge. The leaders of the two groups have signed the agreement, and have assured it will be ratified by both groups. The Grand Lodge of Baja California has now satisfied the standards for recognition.

There continues to be no progress in the unification of Freemasonry in Bulgaria. Since they have previously been determined to meet the standards for recognition, there is no interest on the part of the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria in entering discussions with the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Bulgaria, either for unification or for establishing a treaty to share the jurisdiction. Both of these Grand Lodges appear to practice regular Masonry, and both were of the same origin until they split in 2001. This Commission has urged the two Grand Lodges to resolve their differences for the past seven years to no avail; therefore this issue will not be addressed again until the brethren in Bulgaria reach some type of agreement.

The United Grand Lodge of England and the Grand Lodge of Cyprus have reached an accord whereby they will both share the jurisdiction of Cyprus, and have established fraternal relations among themselves. The Grand Lodge of Cyprus therefore now meets all the standards for recognition.

The Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic informed us that an irregular body calling itself the Czech National Grand Lodge was recently created by a group of dissident members who defected and formed this new organization. This group should not be given any consideration for recognition, as the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic is the only Grand Lodge there that meets the standards for recognition.

The Grande Loge Nationale Reguliere de la Principaute de Monaco was consecrated on February 19, 2011, by the United Grand Lodge of England in association with the Grand Lodge of Germany and the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise. It appears this new Grand Lodge will meet the standards for recognition, and will be entitled to consideration by our Grand Lodges when requested.

The National Grand Lodge of Romania has informed us that a group of Masons expelled from the United National Grand Lodge of Romania, which itself is not recognized, have formed an association called National Grand Lodge Romania 1880. This group is in no way connected to, or sanctioned by the National Grand Lodge of Romania, which is the only Grand Lodge there that meets the standards for recognition.

A request was received from the Gran Logia Simbolica de Espana e Iberia to review their credentials for Masonic recognition. Although they appear to practice regular Masonry, they did not provide the origin of the lodges that compose this Grand Lodge. More importantly, they do not have a treaty or compact to share the jurisdiction with the Grand Lodge of Spain; therefore, they do not meet the standards for recognition established by this Conference. At this time, the Grand Lodge of Spain is the only Grand Lodge here the meets the standards for recognition.



  1. A group has surfaced with a website named, Their stated purpose is that it is time to hold the actions of Grand Lodges and their officers accountable to the Masonic world as a whole. They intend to post a new leak once a week for the next few months. The leaks appear to be stories from members who feel they have been wronged by the trial system of their Grand Lodge or by decisions of their Grand Master.

  2. An organization is being incorporated in the state of Wisconsin named “The Foundation of Universal Freemasonry”, which states it is a Confederation of Independent Masonic Lodges dedicated to the cause of universal Freemasonry. In their draft statement of principles, one article states, “Every Freemason is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Statement of Principles, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.” Another article states, “The Annual communication shall have an altar upon which will be places A Blank Book, The Atheists Bible, and The World Scriptures.” You may view this in its entirety at,

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