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Masonic Week - Feb. 12, 2009 Alexandria, VA - Official Program


Masonic Week 2009

Official Program


Hilton, Alexandria
Mark Center

5000 Seminary Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22311


All Meetings will be held in the Magnolia Room


Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009

--------------- 8:00 AM ---------------

Trinity Chapel No. 12,
St. Thomas of Acon
Douglas L. Jordan, Worthy Master
Jackie L. Harrison, Secretary

--------------- 10:00 AM ---------------

Marvin E. Fowler Commandery No. 7
S.K. Charles W. Wagner, Commander
S.K. Kenneth D. Fuller, PGC, Recorder

--------------- 11:00 AM ---------------

Grand Preceptors Council
of the Commemorative Order
of St. Thomas of Acon
in the Province of the
United States of America
Andre E. Lovas, Grand Preceptor
William R. Miller, Provincial Grand Secretary

---------------12:30 PM --------------

Festive Board - Trinity Chapel

--------------- 2:00 PM ---------------

The High Council
Societas Rosicruciana
in Civitatibus Foederatis
Most Worthy William H. Koon II, IX°, KGC
Supreme Magus
Right Worthy Franklin C. Boner, IX°, KGC
Secretary General

--------------- 4:30 PM ---------------

Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor
Kenneth Bernard Fischer, Grand Preceptor
Lawrence E. Tucker, Grand Recorder

--------------- 7:00 PM ---------------

The Annual Banquet of the High Council SRICF
All Welcome (Including Ladies)!(Terrace Room)
Most Worthy William H. Koon II, IX°, KGC Supreme Magus
Guest Speaker: John R. Paternoster, IX°, IX°, Supreme Magus, SRIA



Friday, February 13, 2009

--------------- 7:00 AM ---------------

Convent General  -  KYCH Breakfast
Most Eminent Stanley N. McIrwin Grand Master General
All Welcome (including Ladies)
Contact:Grand Registrar-General,
Kenneth D. Buckley

--------------- 8:30 AM ---------------

Grand Council Knight Masons, USA
Most Excellent Donald B. Street, Great Chief
Right Excellent Douglas L. Jordan, Grand Scribe

Great Chief's Council "0"
Excellent Blaine H. Simons, Excellent Chief

--------------- 11:00 AM ---------------

Society of Blue Friars, (All Masons Welcome)
Most Illustrious S. Brent Morris, Grand Abbot
Right Illustrious Richard E. Fletcher, Secretary General

------------12:00 Noon ------------

Lunch (on your own)

-------------- 1:30 PM --------------

Grand College of America Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Most Eminent Kenneth B. Fischer, KGC, Grand Preceptor
Right Eminent Lawrence E. Tucker, KC, Grand Registrar

Grand Preceptor's Tabernacle "A"
Eminent Timothy M. Taylor, Sr., KC
Right Eminent Lawrence E. Tucker, KC, Registrar
(Grand Preceptor's Tabernacle "A" will
meet concurrently with the Grand College)

-------------- 3:30 PM ---------------

Ceremonies of Installation
Installed Sovereign Master
Venerable Dennis R. Block, Sovereign Master

--------------- 5:00 PM ---------------

Chevaliers Bienfaisants De La Cite Sainte, (CBCS);
Most Reverend James S. DeMond, KGC, Great Prior
Most Reverend Reese L. Harrison, Jr., PGP, KGC, Great Chancellor

--------------- 6:00 PM ---------------

Royal Society of Knights Occidental, 13th Annual Convivial
(Terrace Room East)
Most Eminent William Howard Koon II, GCO, Supreme Grand Master
Right Eminent Lawrence Eugene Tucker, GCO, Supreme Grand Registrar
Social Hour - Dinner - "Ritual Portrayal"
All Masons are Welcome!

The Masonic Society
First Annual Dinner

(Speaker to be Announced)
(Terrace Room West)
Roger S. Van Gordon, President
Ronald D. Martin, Executive Secretary
All Masons are Welcome!

--------------- 9:00 PM ---------------

“The Scarlet Cord”
(1st Grade)
Conferred by visiting Brethren from Great Britain
Open to AMD Members Only!
Money raised will be used for Charity

-------------- 10:00 PM --------------

Masonic Order of the Bath
Most Honorable D. Allen Surrat
Commander General
Right Honorable Reese L. Harrison, Jr.
Keeper of the Bath Records



Saturday, February 14, 2009

--------------- 7:00 AM ---------------

AMD Breakfast
Sponsored by:
The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of
Freemasonry for the NMJ & SMJ
Ill. John W. McNaughton 33° SGC
Ill. Ronald Seale 33° SGC
Magnolia Room
All Welcome (including Ladies)

--------------- 8:30 AM ---------------

Grand College of Rites of the USA
Most Illustrious , KGC
Grand Chancellor
Right Illustrious Gary Deane Hermann, KGC
Grand Registrar

--------------- 10:00 AM ---------------

Nine Muses Council No. 13
Venerable Robert G. Davis, Sovereign Master
Venerable Thurman C. Pace, Jr., PSM, KGC
Permanent Secretary
(All Masons Welcome)

--------------- 11:00 AM ---------------

Grand Master's Council AMD
Venerable Edward Block, Sovereign Master   
Venerable William J. Jones, Secretary

------------- 12:00 Noon -------------

Scottish Rite Research Society
Speaker to be Announced
(All Masons Welcome)

--------------- 2:00 PM ---------------

Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America
Most Venerable Kenneth B. Fischer, KGC, Sovereign Grand Master
Right Venerable Franklin C. Boner, Grand Secretary

--------------- 6:00 PM ---------------

Grand Council AMD Annual Banquet
(Terrace Room)
Most Venerable Kenneth B. Fischer, KGC
Sovereign Grand Master
All Welcome (including Ladies)

--------------- 9:00 PM ---------------

Ye Antiente Order of Corks
Most Worthy Dennis L. (Pete) Cook
Grand Bung for the Americas
Right Worthy Robert E. Burleson
Grand Bung for the U.S.A.

Masonic Week is a great opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones.


For further information and contact:

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