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The Centre for Research into Freemasonry: Lectures in Autumn 2008


The Centre for Research into Freemasonry and Fraternalism
The University of Sheffield

Lectures in Autumn 2008

Freemasonry and Fraternities in the Middle East

All lectures on Freemasonry and Fraternities in the Middle East will take place at the Humanities Research Institute, 34 Gell Street, S7 3QY; 5.15 pm with light refreshments afterwards.

2nd October: Thierry Zarcone
National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris
French Pre-Masonic fraternities, Freemasonry and Dervish Orders (tarikat) in the Muslim World: History and Anthropoloy of a Mutual Recognition.

16th October: Dorothe Sommer 
University of Sheffield
The first Masonic lodges in Ottoman Syria: How Freemasonry influenced social life in Tripoli al-Sham: The founding fathers of Lodge Kadisha and its socio-cultural role

30th October: Isaac Lubelsky
Tel Aviv University
The Star in the East: Occultist Perceptions of the Mystical Orient

13th November: Ugur Ungor
University of Sheffield:
When Armenians built Auschwitz: Notes on late Ottoman Freemasonry and Genocide

27th November: Mangol Bayat
Independent Scholar, PhD UCLA
The Grand Orient de France and the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, 1906 - 1911

11th December: Paul Dumont 
University of Strasbourg
Masonic attitudes towards secular and religious education in the Ottoman Empire

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