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This page is dedicated to Bro. Dr.Mario Goldin Herzl Lodge #75 G.L. of the State of Israel killed in a terrorist attack. April 22, 2001
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Montefiore Lodge #78 on the register of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel has been consecrated on the 30th of December 1996.
The consecration took place in the ancient Hezekiah quarries in Jerusalem in an impressive ceremony conducted by the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. Ephraim Fuchs and the Officers of Grand Lodge.
The ceremony was attended by some three hundred brethren from twenty-four differents constitutions.
Montefiore Lodge #78 is an Installed Master Lodge of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel with an international regular membership.

Sir Moses Montefiore

Short Biography courtesy of:

     W.Bro Leon Zeldis 33
     Honorary Assistant Grand Master
     The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel
     Montefiore Lodge #78, Founder member.

Sir Moses Montefiore (1784-1885)

Montefiore was born in Livorno, Italy. He was an active Mason, having been initiated in Moira Lodge in 1812. His brother-in-law, Nathan Meyer Rothschild, had been initiated ten years earlier in the Emulation Lodge. Montefiore and Rothschild had married sisters, daughters of Levi Barent Cohen.

He was knighted in 1837 by Queen Victoria. That same year, Benjamin Disraeli was elected to Parliament as a Tory.

In August of 1840, together with the French Lawyer and high-ranking Masons Adolphe Cremieux (1796-1880), he led a delegation to Turkey and secured the release of the captives of the Damascus blood libel. He also persuaded the Sultan of Turkey to issue an edict forbidding the circulation of blood libels.

10th anniversary jewel

In 1863, supported by the British government, Sir Moses Montefiore petitioned the Sultan of Morocco, Muhammad IV, to guarantee the safety of Morocco's Jews. His efforts were successful.

A year later, in 1864, he intervened in order to gain the release of Rabbi Meir Leib ben Jehiel Michael Malbin, Chief Rabbi of Bucharest, who had been wrongly accused of disloyalty to the authorities.

His connection with the Land of Israel is well known, and his horse carriage, as well as his windmill can still be seen in Jerusalem.

Upon reaching the ripe age of 80 years, "gil hagvurah" in Hebrew tradition, English Jewish Masons founded in 1864 the Montefiore Lodge #1017 in London. Later, in 1888, a second Montefiore Lodge (#753) was founded in Glasgow and in 1996 our Lodge, Montefiore Lodge of Installed Masters #78, was consecrated in Tel Aviv.

All Meetings at Masonic Temple
4 Berkowitz St.(Museum Building, 4th floor), Tel Aviv.
DATES OF WORKING FOR 2012, 5772-5773

Sunday 15th April, 2012 - 23rd of Nisan, 5772
15th Installation meeting

Tuesday 9th October, 2012 - 23rd of Tishrei, 5773

Wednesday 30th December, 2012 - 17th of Tevet, 5773

Secretary: R.W.Bro. Hanan Adelaar

Secretary (U.K.): W.Bro. Clive Leigh

Papers delivered at Lodge Meetings on-line on PS Review of Freemasonry


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First Day Cover courtesy of
Montefiore Lodge #78, Founder Member.
Chairman of the Masonic Stamp Club of Great Britain

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