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A probable derivation to the origin and a revealing explanation of The Word[s] given today during the 3rd Degree Raising in Freemasonry.
by W.Bro. David Barrett
PM Ra'anana Lodge #70,PGW; PZ; 25° AASR
Grand Marshal, the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.

In this paper I wish to address and attempt to explain the true background of the Master Mason's two words; their meaning and how and why the second word was adopted and from where, I think, it was derived.
To the best of my knowledge, in the 20 years I have been a brother in Freemasonry, I have never read in any Masonic literature, nor heard or read an explanation by any (research) lodge, as to the unifying quintessence of these two words. In other words there should be a way to show that these two words do bear a relationship one to the other.
In general, all that is expounded is the period from when the words came into being; originally one and then two with no explicit unity of thought linking them. I would expect that these words should bear an understandable relationship one to the other; but this is not so because no one, as far I know, has been able to demonstrate the relevance of the second word to the first. Most comments have been conjecture without any background proof. Serious papers have found their way into respectable Masonic research journals and the reader is still left with nothing tangible.
In order to do this it is essential to review some 18th and 19th century European history, especially of England, the beginnings of Speculative Masonry, the Hiram legend and to appreciate the nuances of Hebrew.
My premise is that the accepted translation into English of the second word is incorrect because the original Hebrew was corrupted, thus causing today’s Israeli Masons to use the correct Hebrew for an incorrect meaning. This will be demonstrated later in the lecture having clarified the historical, philosophical and linguistic nuances.

To access the whole paper you must be a Master Mason
Please click Explanation of The Master's Words
and enter as username : master
and as password : the pw received at the raising to the third degree - Emulation Ritual (UGLE): *********

REMINDER : ********* was the first artificer in metals. The import of the word is worldly possessions. You must be particularly careful to remember this word as without it you cannot gain access into a Lodge in a superior degree. Pass, *********

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