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Online Masonic Education Course

For the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason

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The aim of the course is not to make candidates "experts" in Freemasonry, but rather to give them a broad knowledge of its principles, teachings, history and workings.
Developed by W.Bro. Kent Henderson
Dip. T., B. Ed., Grad. Cert. Ed., Grad. Dip. Ed., M. Ed, Diploma of Masonic Education (Sth. Aust.)
Past Junior Grand Deacon, A. F. & A. Masons of Victoria, Australia.




1. How were you prepared to be passed to the Second Degree?

Answer: In a manner somewhat similar to the former, save that in this degree I was not hood winked, neither had I a cable tow around my neck. My left arm, right breast and knee were made bare, and my left heel slipshod.


2. On what were you admitted?

Answer: The Square.


3. What is a square?

Answer: An implement having an angle of ninety degrees or the fourth part of a circle.


4. What are the peculiar objects of research in this degree?

Answer: The hidden mysteries of nature and science.


5. As it is the hope of reward that sweetens labour, where did our ancient brethren go to receive their wages?

Answer: Into the middle chamber of King Solomon's Temple.


6. How did they receive them?

Answer: Without scruple or diffidence.


7. Why in this peculiar manner?

Answer: Without scruple, well knowing they were justly entitled to them, and without diffidence from the great reliance they placed on the integrity of their employers in those days.


8. What were the names of the two great pillars which were placed at the porchway or entrance to King Solomon's Temple?

Answer: That on the left was called B - - - , and that on the right J - - - - -.


9. What are their separate and conjoint significations?

Answer: The former denotes in Strength, the latter to establish, and when conjoined stability, for God said: in strength will I establish this mine house to stand firm forever.





10. What are the working tools of the 2nd Degree?

Answer: The square, the level and the plumb rule.


11. What, symbolically, does each working tool teach?

Answer: The square teaches morality, the level equality, and the plumb rule justness and uprightness of life and actions.


12. What do they teach about our destiny?

Answer: That by square conduct, level steps, and upright intentions, we hope to ascend to those heavenly mansions where all goodness emanates.


13. What is the significance of the spherical balls adorning the two great pillars?

Answer: They delineate maps of the celestial and terrestrial globes pointing out masonry universal.


14. Why were these pillars originally erected?

Answer: As a memorial to the Children of Israel of that miraculous pillar of fire and cloud that saved the Israelites from Pharaoh during their escape from their Egyptian bondage.


15. How many steps comprised the winding staircase, and why that number?

Answer: Seven or more. Three rule a lodge, five hold a lodge, and seven or more make it perfect.


16. What is the significance of these numbers?

Answer: The three who rule a lodge are the Master and his two wardens, the five who hold a lodge are the Master, two wardens, and two Fellow Crafts; and the seven who make in perfect are two Entered Apprentices added to the former five.  


17. What are the five noble orders of architecture?

Answer: The Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite.


18. What are the seven liberal arts and sciences?

Answer: Grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.


19. Your attention was peculiarly drawn to something in the centre ceiling of the Temple. What was it?

Answer: The letter "G".


20. What does it denote?

Answer: The Grand Geometrician of the Universe, toWhom we must all submit, and Whom we ought

humbly to adore.

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