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PS Review of Freemasonry
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Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry welcomes
Masonic Articles or Papers
written by Master Masons or Masonic Scholars

Languages Accepted : English - Italian - French - Spanish - Portugueise

Your masonic article or paper will be online within one month, if accepted.

NOTICE - PS Review of Freemasonry accepts only articles or papers written by Freemasons on the rolls of a Grand Lodge recognized by United Grand Lodge of England and/or a Grand Lodge of USA including MW Prince Hall Grand Lodges.

The papers published are the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Review nor those of any other regular Masonic body.

It is a condition of publication of any article or paper that the author thereby and thereupon automatically grants and accepts not to publish online the same paper on another Masonic website.

Bruno Virgilio Gazzo
Editor and Webmaster

A New Record
During the period January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 the site experienced its highest number of unique visitors:

Formatting your paper:

Your paper should be formatted for Word for Windows (.DOC) or RTF, Times New Roman 12 font.
No other format will be considered. 

Do not use headers or footers. 

Do not include any special formatting. Keep the text as simple as possible. Do NOT use paragraph formatting in your document, simply begin each paragraph by hitting the 'tab' button on your keyboard. 

Notes, if any, must be at the end of the document, not at the end of each page.

Use all black text. 

Submitting images

If you have images, send them in a separate file. Each illustration should be identified in the text and in the image file by the same name. In the text use brackets around an image place holder. For example: [insert "mason image #1" here] The image file should contain an image named "mason image #1." We will then know which image to place in the area held by the place holder. 

Images should not be larger than 550 pixels wide. 

Images should be no less than 300 dpi and no greater than 600 dpi. 

Please follow the procedures outlined above. Any deviation from these procedures and the material will not be considered for publication.

Our Readers make the Review, please submit your masonic paper. You are welcome. Please fill in the form and submit it. We shall contact you via e-mail as soon as possible.
Full Name
Grand Lodge
Re-type E-mail
URL of your Website, if any
Title of Your paper

Which is the Section where do you want your paper published?

Please provide a summary of your article/paper:

It is a condition of publication of any article or paper that the author thereby and thereupon automatically grants and accepts not to publish online the same paper on another website.

I grant and accept : Yes

Please send an e-mail 

From: your e-mail address ( the same you used to submit your paper)
Subject: REMOVAL

Body: Title of the paper
URL of the paper

Please remember only the author can request the removal of a paper published on PS Review of Freemasonry.


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