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HEREDOM VOL.15, 2007

The Annual Transactions of the Scottish Rite Research Society

Edited by Rex C. Hutchens 33° G.C. & S. Brent Morris 33° G.C.

Published by the Scottish Rite Research Society, Washington, D.C.

Hardcover - 340 Pages.
Price, $35

Available from the publisher:

Scottish Rite Research Society

About Heredom:

Each year the Scottish Rite Research Society publishes a volume of insightful, scholarly, and thought-provoking articles on all aspects of Freemasonry, but with a general emphasis on the Scottish Rite. Past volumes include studies on biography, bibliography, the evolution and meaning of Masonic rituals, history, kabbalah, hermeticism, Masonic poetry, Prince Hall Affiliation, symbolism, and much more.

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From the Editors

To paraphrase Bro. Samuel L. Clemens (better known by is nom de plume of Mark Twain), the retirement of Ill. S. Brent Morris is exaggerated. To insure a smooth editorial transition, this fifteenth volume of Heredom has been jointly edited. There were not only two sets of eyes trying to maintain accuracy and clarity, but also two sets of editorial preferences and idiosyncrasies. We hope we have achieved the best of "both worlds."

If there were ever any doubt, this volume conclusively proves that excellence in Masonic writing and research is independent of Masonic rank. Our writers include non-Masons, Masters of the Royal Secret, and Inspectors General Honorary. Men who have never knocked at the West Gate, some who did so only a few years ago, and those who have labored for decades in the quarries. What is common to all of them is their dedication to superior investigation and reporting of matters related to the fraternity.

One of the daunting realities facing all editors is that there is no formula for success. While there are rules of grammar and style, success ultimately rests on the "good taste" of the editor. It's not enough that an article be correct and well-written, which can be determined more-or-less objectively. It must also be timely, original, fresh, significant, and-most importantly-interesting to the readers. If an article is not interesting, then it is a failure despite any other superior qualities it may have.

We modestly think that every reader will find at least one article of interest in this volume. This not so much a testament to our good taste, but to the exceptional authors who have chosen to submit their work to Heredom.

Rex C. Hutchens, 33°, G:. C:.
S.R.R.S. Fellow & Mackey Scholar

S. Brent Morris, 33°, G:. C:.
S.R.R.S. Fellow & Mackey Scholar

July 7, 2008

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