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Gary Kerkin
"...without neglecting the ordinary duties of your station endeavour to make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge."

VW. Bro. Gary Kerkin is PM Lodge Piako No 160
PM Waikato Lodge of Research No 445
Past Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge of New Zealand
Grand Lecturer (2009), Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of New Zealand, Northern Division.

Gary Kerkin was initiated in Lodge Piako No 160, New Zealand Constitution, in August 1994 at the age of 53. 

He was exalted to the Degree of the Holy Royal Arch in August 1997, Greeted as a Super Excellent Master in April 1998, Admitted as Prince of the Order of the Secret Monitor in July 199 and Admitted to the 18th Degree of the Order of the Rose Croix in August 1999.

He was installed as Master of Lodge Piako No 160 in April 1999, First Principal of Piako Royal Arch Chapter No 48 in October 2000, Master of the Waikato Lodge of Research No 445 in March 2001, Enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign of the Ohinemuri Rose Croix Chapter No 394 in July 2004, Installed as Supreme Ruler of Piako Conclave No 43 of the Secret Monitor in August 2004, and as Thrice Illustrious Master of the Waikato Cryptic Council No 22 in August 2007.

He holds Grand Rank in three orders being a Past Grand Lecturer in The Grand Lodge of New Zealand, Grand Lecturer in the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of New Zealand (which also includes the Cryptic Council), and is a Grand Steward in the Supreme Grand Conclave of the Order of the Secret Monitor of New Zealand.

He has been a registrar for Grand Convocations for both the Secret Monitor and Royal Arch; chaired a selection committee for the recipients of the Freemasons Scholarships at the University of Waikato; a representative of Lodge Piako on the South Auckland Masonic Charitable Trust and recently was appointed a director of the property company of the Trust.

He convened the 7th biennial conference of the Australian and New Zealand Masonic Research Council held in Tauranga, New Zealand in 2004.
He has been a District Education Officer; and presently is Scribe Ezra for two Royal Arch Chapters, edits a quarterly magazine for the Hauraki District of the Royal Arch and is National Publicity Officer for the Royal Arch in New Zealand.

His professional background is as a chemical engineer in heavy chemicals and the dairy industry and he spent nearly 20 years teaching at a university in Australia. He is married with two adult children one living in New Zealand, the other in Australia.

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