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Only Freemasons on the roll of a Grand Lodge recognized by United Grand Lodge of England and/or US Grand Lodges including MW Prince Hall Grand Lodges CAN APPLY FOR.
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  Masonic Exposures  

  • 1723   The "Post Boy" Sham Exposure
  • 1724   The Whole Institution of Masonry
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  • 1725   The Whole Institutions of Free-Masons Opened
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  • 1725c. Institution of Free Masons
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  • 1725   The Grand Mystery of Free-Masons Discovered
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  • 1727c. The Mason's Confession (Dundee Manuscript)
  • 1730   Masonry Dissected by Samuel Prichard
  • 1760   Three Distinct Knocks
  • 1762   Jachin and Boaz
  • 1802   Finch's Masonic Treatise
  • 1826   Morgan's Exposure of Free Masonry
  • 1831   Manual of Freemasonry by Richard Carlile
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