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Philippa Faulks and Cheryl Skidmore


Published by Lewis Masonic, 2009.

Hardback 116 pages.
Price, £9.99
ISBN: 978-0-853183-13-6

About the Authors:

Philippa Faulks is an author and illustrator, mainly concentrating on the subjects of Freemasonry, alternative history and religion. She is married to a Freemason of seven years who is currently The Worshipful Master of his Lodge. Philippa lives and works in Suffolk with her husband and teenage daughter. Other books include The Masonic Magician (with Robert L.D. Cooper) and the Secrets of Meditation.

Available from the publisher: Lewis Masonic

Cheryl Skidmore lives in Worcestershire with her husband and two sons. She has been a Freemason's wife for 17 years and is working with Freemasonry fulltime in her husband's business The Freemason.com Ltd. She loves the social side of Freemasonry and enjoys helping to organise Ladies' Nights She is very keen on amateur dramatics and is interested in Tarot cards and the psychic world.

Have you ever wondered why men want to be Freemasons? How do they become one and what does it involve?

Everyone has heard at least one thing about the Masons, whether it is good or bad, but what is the truth?

As the wives of two well-established Freemasons, the authors aim to give you a simple and straight-to-the-point guide to the basics of Freemasonry. They can steer you through the initially bemusing concepts until you have a clear undersranding of the path of moral learning your men folk will be involved in. They will demystify the myths and put paid to the rumours and in doing so make you feel reassured, more knowledgeable and respectful of a wonderful Craft.

Whether you are the girlfriend, wife, partner or close relation of a Freemason or Freemason-to-be, you will find within this book the answer to almost every question you will ever need to know about Freemasonry. From the initial queries on becoming a Mason, to the role of Lady at Ladies' Night, the answers and suggestions are here.

For the purpose of simplicity the authors have tended to use the terms 'wife' and 'husband' throughout the book. This obviously does not imply that all Freemasons are married, nor indeed that this book is intended purely for the wives. They hope that it will be of great use not only to the wives, girlfriends and partners, but to the families and friends of potential or long-standing Freemasons. The authors have also included a list of Masonic terminology which may be of use to you on your journey through the book.

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