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Bert Bijl

The Formula
a Masonic Thriller

Publisher: Bert Bijl, 2009.

Pages: 192
Price: Ä 18,00

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About the Book:

One evening an unknown man is found dead in the lodge building of the freemasons in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Cor Evertsen, freemason and former Detective-Inspector thinks the circumstances of the manís death are suspicious. He begins an investigation. This investigation leads him back to the Second World War. During that time a group of international freemasons was active in the battle against Nazi Germany. At the end of the war these freemasons, members of a German, Dutch and English lodge got hold of a dangerous and top secret formula.

About the Author:

Bert Bijl (1948) is a freemason, a former Detective Inspector of police and a commercial pilot (USA), he is able to combine his Masonic knowledge and passed experience to produce a thriller, which provides the reader an insight into the Masonic moral values. The book is in memory of all Freemasons who lost their lives in Nazi concentration camps.


An unknown man found dead in a Masonic Hall in The Netherlands, a journalist who had been told to keep his mouth shut, the police investigation that had been hushed up and a freemason and former Detective-Inspector that wants to go into depth. Three men all of them Freemasons, fighters in the Second World War in opposing fronts and battlefields but members of a Dutch, a German and an English lodge linked by the bond of brotherhood and holders of an "highly explosive" secret.

The historical facts of the period - the Second World War - are correct and the author verified them in books, documents, and in interviews. The Lodges that play a role in this book actually exist, as do their ties of friendship.

As Bro. Bijl says "the entirely fictitious story is nothing else but an audacious attempt to speculate about the role Freemasons could have played in the second world war if that role had been given to them".

The book is a work of fiction but you hardly become aware of not reading a book of history. The Formula is a thriller that grabs the reader and does not let go until the end but in the meantime it teaches the Masonic moral values.

Bruno Gazzo
Editor, PS Review of Freemasonry

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