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Leon Zeldis

Craft Masonry

Initiated in "América" Lodge N° 86, Santiago, Chile (1959). Moved to Israel in 1962. Founder of "La Fraternidad: Lodge N° 62 of Tel Aviv (1970), first Spanish-speaking lodge in Israel, working in the AASR.

Elected to various offices in the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, until receiving the title of Honorary Assistant Grand Master (1995).


York Rite


Royal Arch, First Principal of Har Sinai Chapter (1985).

Received Degrees of Captivity, Royal, Select and Super-Excellent Master Degrees, Royal Ark Mariner.

Elected to various offices in R. A. Grand Chapter, last one being Grand Chaplain.


Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Elevated to 4th Degree AASR in 1969, Coroneted Active Sovereign Grand Inspector General 33° in 1991, served as Grand Secretary General 1993-1995, elected Sovereign Grand Commander 1996-1998.


Operatives: IV° (1999)


Masonic Research bodies:

Founder Member, Chair of Philosophical and Masonic Studies "Dr. René García Valenzuela", Universidad La República, Santiago, Chile.

Fellow, Philalethes Society.

Contributing Member, Scottish Rite Research Society (USA).

Member, Society of Blue Friars.

Correspondence member, Quatuor Coronati Lodge N° 2076, England.


Honorary Member:


"Rey Salomón" Lodge N° 105, Lima, Perú (1982)

Supreme Council for Italy (1996)

Academia Maçónica de Letras de Pernambuco, Brazil (1997)

"Salem" Lodge of Perfection N° 12, Haifa, Israel (1997)

Supreme Council for France (1998)

"King Solomon" Lodge of Perfection N° 13, Ra'anana, Israel (1998)

"Montefiore" Lodge N° 753, Glasgow, Scotland (1999)

"Hermes" Lodge N° 13, Madrid, (2000).

"Max Polliack" Rose-Croix Chapter N° 4, Ra'anana, Israel (2002)

"Lázaro Cárdenas del Río" Lodge N° 57, México City (2002).


Chartered Founder:


"La Fraternidad" Lodge N° 62, Tel Aviv, Israel (1970)

"Mount Moriah" Rose-Croix Chapter N° 2, Jerusalem, Israel (1975)

"Ramat Gan" N° 6 Lodge of Perfection, Ramat Gan, Israel (1978)

"La Esperanza" N° 72 Lodge, Haifa, Israel (1978)

"France" Lodge N° 77, Jerusalem, Israel (1993)

"Jerusalem" Lodge N° 909, Paris, France (1995)

"Jerusalem" Lodge N° 91, Roma, Italy (1996)

"Igualdad" Rose-Croix Chapter N° 3, Tel Aviv, Israel (1998)

"Galilee" Lodge N° 31, Nazareth, Israel (2003)


Other distinctions:


Representative of the Grand Lodge of Chile near the Grand Lodge of Israel (1976-1993).

Representative of Grand Chapter of South Carolina near the Grand Chapter of Israel (1983).

Representative of the Supreme Council of Ecuador near the Supreme Council of Israel (1991)

Awarded Tiradentes Medal, Supreme Council of the Federal Republic of Brazil (1992)

Representative of the Grand Lodge of Spain near the Grand Lodge of Israel (1993)

Thrice-Potent Master ad-Vitam, "Unión Fraternal" Lodge of Perfection N° 10, Tel Aviv, Israel (1994)

Award for Sister Supreme Councils for the Year 1995, Supreme Council of Turkey (1995)

Representative of the Supreme Council of Chile near the S.C. of Israel (1995)

Certificate of Achievement and Membership, Universal Council N° 70, Knight Masons of the U.S.A. (2000)

Representative of the Grand Lodge of Spain near the Grand Lodge of Israel (2001)


Non-Masonic distinctions


Honorary Consul of Chile in Tel Aviv from 1963 to 2008.

Order of Bernardo O'Higgins (awarded by the Chilean Government).

Member, MENSA International.