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Leon Zeldis


by R.W.Bro. León ZELDIS MANDEL 33°

Past Sovereign Grand Commander, Supreme Council 33 of Israel
Honorary Assistant Grand Master, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel
A collection of 45 thoughts on philosophical subjects to approach your life from another angle.


            In 1998 my heart became infected with streptococcus and as a result I suffered a stroke. I was in coma several days, between life and death. The doctors gave my wife their opinion about my chances: one third of chances to die, one third to live as a vegetable, one third to recover. Fortunately I did recover, at the beginning I suffered some speech problems, jumbled words, forgot many. Gradually I healed. Then, after a few days, before being fully healed, I had to undergo open-heart surgery to replace the infected mitral valve, and the surgeon kindly took advantage of having my chest open to perform five bypasses.

            The experiences I had during my illness made me see the world in another light. I became more tolerant, with myself as with others, more philosophical, less agitated.   

            After some years, I became convinced that the lessons I had learned from my illness could have some value for others.

            This is the reason why I sat down to write this little book. I hope it may have invited you to think, to approach your life from another angle. If my reflections help you in some way, that's my reward. Thank you for reading, and may I express a sincere wish that you find peace of mind no matter what surprises life brings you.

            Live every minute of your life. Whatever form of existence you will have after death in this world, it won't be a continuation of this life, so enjoy every minute while you are still here!

            Remember, your life starts NOW!

            Herzlia, Israel, July 2005- July 2007