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Masonic Restoration Foundation

W.Bro. Dennis V. CHORNENKY
President, Masonic Restoration Foundation.


W. Bro. Dennis V. Chornenky is Charter Master of Academia Lodge #847 in Oakland, the first Traditional Observance Lodge in California. He is a dedicated scholar of the history, symbolism and politics of American and European Freemasonry. After actively researching the problems affecting Freemasonry in the United States he founded the Masonic Restoration Foundation www.masonicrestoration.com with the support of many notable American Masonic leaders and scholars.

W. Bro. Chornenky is currently developing various educational and informational materials at the Institute for Masonic Studies in California. He continues to regularly travel throughout the United States and Europe as part of his commitment to gathering accurate information and promoting discourse on the initiatic tradition of Freemasonry.