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PM Quatuor Coronati Lodge N°2076, London, United Grand Lodge of England.
Past Grand Standard Bearer United Grand Lodge of England
Hon. Senior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of the State of Israel.


Origins & Development of Royal Arch Masonry in England
courtesy of WEOFM.org

Born : Istanbul,Turkey, 12 June 1940.
Nationality: dual British (European Passport) and Israeli.
Education: in Turkey & Italy, then Romsey College (U K), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law, 1967 LLB; University College. London, postgraduate law studies.

Yasha-Beresiner Masonic career :

  • Initiated in Lodge of Faith & Friendship No 7326 (EC) October 1975;
  • Master 1987/88, Secretary 1988/96, Chaplain 1999/2000
  • Appointed to London Grand Rank 1991;
  • Founder Member of Mount Sinai Lodge 8991 (EC) & foundation SD 1980:
  • Master 1982/84, Chaplain 1995/96, Almoner 1997/2005
  • Founder Member of Montefiore Lodge of Installed Masters No 78. Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, December 1996, Master 1998/99;
  • Invited to join Quatuor Coronati Lodge No 2076 (EC) February 1991,
  • Treasurer 1992/1995, Master 1997/8, Chaplain 1999/2001
  • Joined Euclid Installed Masters Lodge No 7464 (EC) 1979, Chaplain 1999;
  • Joined the Civil War Lodge of Research No 1865 (Virginia, USA),July 1998;
  • Appointed Past Grand Standard Bearer (PGStB) of the UGL of England 30th April 2003
  • Appointed PGSW Regular Grand Lodge of Italy July 2003, (resigned 2012)
  • Appointed Honorary Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel, January 2005.
  • Proclaimed a member of the Order of Blue Friars (USA), February 2009
  • Appointed Grand Librarian, Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, 2010 (resigned 2012)
Honorary member of the following lodges:
  • Ars Macionica No 30 (RGL of Belgium). 1998.
  • Fraternidad No 68 (Spanish speaking).Tel Aviv (GL State of Israel), 1996.
  • Michigan Lodge of Research No 1, Detroit (Michigan. USA),1994.
  • Semper Fidelis No 5990, Charleroi (RGL Belgium), 1993.
  • Tommaso Crudeli No 21, Arezzo (RGL Italy), 1994.
  • Affiliated with the Lodge of the Holy Land No 50 (GL State of Israel), 1991.
  • Chimera Lodge No 160 Arezzo Tuscany (Past Master 2003).
  • Lux et Veritas No 300 (NGL of Romania) 2010.
Beyond the Craft :
    In England
  • member of HRA (PZ, LGRC). Mark (PAGDC). Mariners(ProvGR), Royal & Select (TIM), OSM, Operatives (V°), August Order of Light (G of Light);
  • member of HRA (Italy) (resigned 2012).
  • A&ASR (Belgium, 18°).

Other Masonic Lodges and bodies:
    In England
  • Jewels of the Craft (Founder Member)
  • Leicester Lodge of Research No 2429 (Correspondence Circle)
  • Manchester Association for Masonic Research
  • Mark Token Collectors' Club (Founder Member
  • Masonic Philatelic Club
  • Temple of Athena Lodge No 9541 (Correspondence Circle)
  • Southern California Research Lodge
  • Philalethes Society International
  • Scottish Rite Research Society (Southern Jurisdiction,USA).