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Director Centre for Research into Freemasonry University of Sheffield 2000-07
Director of the University Research Centre University of Wales, Lampeter.


Electronic Publications

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    British Library exhibition leaflets: The Chronicles of Medieval England, 1983; Sir Henry Ellis and Domesday Book, 1986.

    Reviews in Archives, Slavonic and East European Review, Freemasonry Today and Library History

    Contributions to the following British Library catalogues:-
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: Blenheim Papers;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: Yelverton Manuscripts;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: 1956-1960 ;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: 1961-1965;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: 1971-1975;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts 1976-1980;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts: 1981-1985;
    Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts 1986-1990.

In Press

    ‘What's In A Number? The Physical Organisation of the Manuscript Collections of the British Library’ in Beatus Vir: Manuscript Studies in Honor of Phillip Pulsiano, ed. A. N. Doane and Kirsten Wolf. 

    ‘Relations Between the Swedish and English Grand Lodges in the Eighteenth Century’, in Between Mysticism and Power Politics: Swedish Freemasonry and the European Enlightenment, ed. A. Onnerfors and H. Bogdan. 

    ‘”Builders of the Temple of the New Civilisation”’: Annie Besant and Freemasonry’ in Masonic Rituals in Mixed and Female Orders, ed. J. Snoek and A. Heidel. 

    ‘The Old Charges Revisited’, Transactions of the Lodge of Research

    ‘“Priest-wrought and law-protected”? Approaches to the History of Secularism and Laïcité in Great Britain’ in A. Dierkens and J.-P. Schreiber (eds.), Laïcité et sécularisation dans l'Union européenne

Talks and papers

    `The Electronic Editing of Historical Records', session of the Society for Early English and Norse E-Texts, International Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University, May 1994
    `Gerald of Wales', Conference for the History of the Book, University of Oxford, June 1994
    `The Ghost of Asser', Seminar of Research Group on Medieval Manuscripts, August 1994
    `The History of The Beowulf Manuscript since 1731', lecture at the Centre for Antique and Medieval Studies, Kings College, London, February 1995
    `The British Library Universities Research Support Service', SCONUL conference, University of Aberdeen, April 1995
    `The Electronic Beowulf', University of Wisconsin (Madison), May 1995
    `The British Library's Initiatives for Access and the Electronic Beowulf', Centre for Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 1995
    `The Future of Record Publication', seminar on Creating Text and Image Editions in the Humanities, University of Sheffield, July 1995
    `The Early Modern History of the Beowulf Manuscript', International Society of Anglo-Saxonists, Stanford University, August 1995
    `The Electronic Beowulf', Society of Archivists annual conference, September 1995
    `The Digital Library: an Historian's View' Symposium on Reconnecting the Science and the Humanities, University of Kentucky, October 1995.
    `The Electronic Beowulf', University of Arizona, Tucson, and State University of Arizona, Tempe, November 1995
    `The Restoration of the Cotton Manuscripts', University of Manchester day school on the Cotton collection, November 1995
    `The Electronic Beowulf', meeting of Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland, University of Manchester, February 1996
    `The Virtual Museum' (panel discussion), University of Glasgow workshop on the digital library, February 1996
    `Manuscripts on the Net', International Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University, May 1996
    `Reconnecting Science and the Humanities through Digital Libraries: the Electronic Beowulf', Congress of Association of Literary and Linguistic Computing and Association for Computing in the Humanities, University of Bergen, June 1996
    `Creating Digital Images' (panel discussion), Digital Resources for the Humanities, University of Oxford, July 1996
    `Using Digital Images' (panel discussion), Digital Resources for the Humnaities, University of Oxford, July 1996
    `The British Library's St Pancras building', Society of Archivists annual conference, Heriot-Watt University, July 1996
    `Letters of Manumission for the Kentish Rebels of 1381', International Medieval Conference, University of Leeds, July 1996
    `Piecing Together Otho B X', International Medieval Conference, University of Leeds, July 1996
    `John Ball', International Medieval Congress, Western Michigan University, May 1997
    `John Wraw', International Medieval Conference, July 1997
    `The Electronic Beowulf', University of Glasgow, June 1997
    `Representing Texts: Manuscripts and Archives in the Digital Age', University of Calgary, January 1998. 
    `Digitising the event: approaches to editing the records of the revolt of 1381', University of Sheffield, May 1998. 
    'The British Inheritance', The British Library March 2000, repeated at the University Women's Club, July 2000.
    `Beyond the Square: Spatial Analysis and Research into Freemasonry': presentation to the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative Conference, The British Library, July 2000
    `The Inheritance of Freemasonry': presentation to the Masonic Museum and Library group, 30 September 2000
    `The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799': paper at the 2nd International Conference of the Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 4 November 2000 [Andrew Prescott chaired proceedings on second day]
    `The Devil's Freemason: Richard Carlile and his Manual of Freemasonry': lecture to Sheffield Masonic Study Circle, 30 November 2000
    'The Visualisation of Data', Local History On-line Conference, organised by the Public Record Office and Institute of Historical Research, December 2000
    'Freemasonry and the Problem of Britain': inaugural lecture, University of Sheffield, 5 March 2001
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': Huddersfield Installed Masters Association, Masonic Hall, Greenhead Road, Huddersfield, 30 March 2001
    '"The Voice Conventional": Druidic Myths and Freemasonry': Masonic research weekend organised by the Lodge Hope of Kurrachee No. 337 at the Masonic Hall, Kirkcaldy, 4-6 May 2001
    '"The Spirit of Association": Freemasonry and Early Trade Unions': Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, London, public lecture, 23 May 2001
    Presentation on the work of the Centre for Research into Freemasonry: European Masonic Museums Association, 12 July 2001
    Freemasonry and its Inheritance: Grand Officers Mess, Province of Yorkshire West Riding, Masonic Hall, Westbourne House, Otley, 30 October 2001
    'John Pine (1690-1756), Engraver and Freemason': Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 3rd International Conference 2001 'Freemasonry and the Visual Arts', 3-4 November 2001
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': Notts Installed Masters Lodge No. 3595, Masonic Hall, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, 8 January 2002
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': Northumbrian Masters Lodge No. 3477, Masonic Hall, Corbridge Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, 31 January 2002:
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': Lodge of Unanimity No. 154, Masonic Hall, Zetland Road, Wakefield, 4 February 2002
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': North Kent Masters' Lodge No. 9062, Westwood Masonic Centre, Welling, Kent, 8 February 2002:
    'Freemasonry and its Inheritance': Vale of York Lodge of Advancement No. 9489, The Parsonage Hotel, Escrick, York, 13 February 2002:
    'Technologies of reproduction: from photozincography to Corbis': keynote lecture at the conference 'Manuscript facsimiles: fidelity or betrayal?', University of Edinburgh, 1-3 March 2002
    'The Devil's Freemason: Richard Carlile and his Manual of Freemasonry': Friends of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Freemasons' Hall, London, 19 March 2002
    'The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799': Provincial Grand Officers' Mess, Yorkshire North and East Ridings province, York, 17 April 2002
    'Freemasonry and Its Inheritance': public lecture, Tapton Masonic Hall, Sheffield, 19 April 2002
    'Freemasonry and Its Inheritance': Southwood Lodge, Halifax, 23 April 2002
    'Freemasonry and Its Inheritance': Quadratic Lodge, Cole Court, Twickenham, 15 May 2002
    'The Illusion of Perfection: Technologies, Texts and Facsimiles': HATII Special Series lecture, University of Glasgow
    'Freemasonry in Late Victorian London: a Case Study': joint meeting of the Sheffield Masonic Study Circle and Manchester Association of Masonic Research, Tapton Hall, Sheffield, 22 May 2002
    'Freemasonry in Metropolitan Surrey': Surrey Installed Masters, Croydon, 31 May 2002
    'Freemasonry and the Problem of Britain': Public Lecture, University of Durham, 21 June 2002
    'What Do Researchers Want?': Masonic Museums and Libraries Group, September 28 2002
    'Researching Freemasonry': Humber Installed Masters, Hull, 7 October 2002
    'Researching Freemasonry': Barnsley and Penistone Masonic Association, Barnsley, 28 October 2002
    'The Voice Conventional: Druidic Myths and Freemasonry': 4th International Conference, Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 2-3 November 2002 (and chairing second day of proceedings)
    'Freemasonry in Wales in the Long Eighteenth Century': Institute of Historical Research, Long Eighteenth Century seminar, 13 November 2002
    'Freemasonry and London Labour History: Some Approaches': Labour Heritage day conference, London Metropolitan Archives, 23 November 2002
    'Researching Freemasonry': Leeds Installed Masters 5 December 2002
    ‘Edition, Facsimile and Image’, Electronic Description and Edition of Slavic Sources, symposium organised by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, St Georges Centre, Pomorie, Bulgaria, 24 September 2002
    ‘Researching Freemasonry’, Thanet Masters Lodge No. 8918, Ramsgate, 16 January 2003
    ‘The Cause of Humanity’: Charles Bradlaugh and Freemasonry’, Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, Freemasons’ Hall London, 20 February 2003
    ‘The Study of Freemasonry as a New Academic Discipline’, Vrijmetselarij in Nederland, Leiden University, 14 March 2003
    ‘Neglected Processional Cultures’, Medieval English Theatre Conference, Lancaster University, 29 March 2003
    (with Rebecca Coombs), ‘Fraternal Connections: Membership Records of Freemasonry’, 4th Public History Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford, 26 April 2003
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    ‘Processions in the Mitchell and Kenyon Archive’, Mitchell and Kenyon Study Day, British Film Institute, 12 June 2003
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    ‘The Regius and Cooke manuscripts: some new perspectives’, Freemasonry in Music and Literature, 5th International Conference, Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 1-2 November 2003
    ‘A Body without a Soul? The Philosophical Outlook of British Freemasonry 1700-2000’, Philosophies et idéologies maçonniques, International Conference of the Chaire Théodore Verhaegen, Free University of Brussels, 8 November 2003 (repeated at Cornerstone Society conference, November 2003 and Canonbury Masonic Research Centre, 10 December 2003
    ‘Why Research the Royal Arch?’, symposium on the Royal Arch organised by the Lodge Hope of Kurachee No 337 (SC), Masonic Hall, Kirkcaldy, 22 November 2003
    ‘Researching Freemasonry’, Derbyshire Installed Masters’ Lodge No. 8509, Masonic Hall, Derby, 26 November 2003
    ‘Freemasonry and its inheritance’, Minster Lodge No 4663, Saviourgate Masonic Hall, York, 27 November 2003
    ‘Researching Freemasonry’, Northumbrian Installed Masters Lodge No. 3477, 30 January 2004
    ‘Aspects of the History of Freemasonry in Wales’, Aberystwyth Lodge No. 1072, 1 April 2004
    ‘Four Forgotten Freemasons’, Minster Lodge No. 4663, 22 April 2004
    ‘The Godiva Procession’, White Rose Workshop on ‘Performance, Display and the Negotiation of Power in Public Space’, University of Leeds, 29 April 2004 (co-organiser)
    Discutant in session on ‘Revolutionary Transformations: French Freemasonry at Home and Abroad, 1785-1815’, 50th annual congress of the Society for French Historical Studies, Paris, 17 June 2004
    ‘Freemasonry and Its Inheritance’, Annual festival of Oxford and Cambridge University Masonic Lodges, Cambridge, 19 June 2004
    Various gallery and exhibition talks in connection with the exhibition ‘Sociable Craftsman: the world of the artist John Pine’, Library and Museum of Freemasonry, June-August 2004
    ‘Some New Resources for the Study of Freemasonry’, Association of Masonic Museums, Libraries and Archives, Stockholm, 8-10 July 2004
    ‘The Good Rule of Masonry: Anglo-Saxon Myths of the Freemasons’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 13 July 2004
    ‘Labourers Lives: some crown prosecutions of artisans, 1420-30’, 15th-century conference, Royal Holloway College, University of London, 2-4 September 2004
    ‘Researching the History of Freemasonry’, Senior Historians Conference, Cumberland Lodge, 4 September 2004
    ‘Bartolozzi and Cipriani’, Lodge of the Nine Muses No. 235, 28 September 2004
    Key-note speaker: ‘Annie Besant and Freemasonry’, Symposium on Mixed Rituals in Male and Female Orders, University of Heidelberg, 11-12 October 2004
    ‘Researching Freemasonry’, South Yorkshire Lodge No. 9633, 14 October 2004
    Address on methodology of historical research into freemasonry at seminar for research lodges under the English Constitution organised by Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, 20 October 2004
    ‘Freemasonry and Its Inheritance’, public lecture at the Macclesfield Masonic Hall, 29 October 2004
    ‘Freemasonry and its Inheritance’, Langport Lodge No. 8072, Eastbourne, 10 November 2004
    ‘Godfrey Higgins: gentleman radical and archdruid’ (with John Halstead): We Band of Brothers: Freemasonry in Radical and Social Movements 1700-2000, University of Sheffield, 18-20 November 2004
    Key-note speaker: ‘Freemasonry and British parliamentary representation, 1870-1885’ (with Estelle Stubbs), Symposium on Freemasonry and Nationalism, University of Leiden and Grand East of the Netherlands, 26-27 November 2004
    ‘Why Research the Royal Arch?’, Derbyshire Chapter of Installed Principals, No. 8509, Masonic Hall, Alfreton, 30 November 2004
    Keynote speaker: ‘Contacts between the Swedish and English Grand Lodges up to 1813’, Between Mysticism and Power Politics: Swedish Freemasonry and the European Enlightenment, Lund University, 17-18 December 2004
    ‘Charles Bradlaugh’, IDERM Septentrion, Calais Masonic Hall, 29 January 2005
    ‘More Castles in the Air: Iolo Morganwg and Freemasonry’, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 10 February 2005
    ‘John Pine’, Federation of South West Schools Lodge, Tiverton Masonic Hall, 26 January 2005
    ‘The Godiva Procession’, Medieval English Theatre Conference, University of Southampton, 19 March 2005
    ‘Freemasonry and Its Inheritance’, East Lancashire Grand Officers Mess, Liverpool, 31 March 2005
    ‘The Production of the Books of Constitutions in the Eighteenth Century’, Ronde Table ‘Le Monde Maçonnique’, CNRS, Sorbonne, Paris, 24 March 2005
    ‘Four Forgotten Freemasons’, Festival of the Association of University Lodges, Sheffield, 16 April 2005
    ‘Masonic Processions and England’s Forgotten Processional Culture’, NATCECT seminar, University of Sheffield, 2 June 2005
    ‘Four Forgotten Freemasons’, Jubilee Masters Lodge No. 2712, Freemasons’ Hall London, 17 June 2005
    ‘The Medieval Cymmrodorion: the Welsh in London 1300-1500’, Milestones, International Conference organised by the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, 28 June-1 July 2005

    ‘Sir Henry Irving and Freemasonry’ Sir Henry Irving: a Life in the Victorian Theatre, University of Leicester, 8-10 July 2005
    ‘Cywydd y Llafurwr’: Iolo Goch, Owain Glyn Dŵr and Wat Tyler, Fifteenth Century Conference, 8-10 September 2005
    Keynote speaker: ‘‘Freemasonry as Part of National Heritage: the Conservation of Esoteric and Fraternal Heritage in Great Britain’ in Masonic and Esoteric Heritage: New Perspectives for Art and Heritage Policies, Royal Library, The Hague, 20-21 October 2005
    ‘Freemasonry and radical movements in Yorkshire’, CIERL/CNRS colloque, University of Bordeaux III, 12-13 November2005
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    ‘The Origins of the York Legend’, Lodge of Research, Leicester, 23 January 2006
    ‘Prospects and Problems in Masonic Historiography’, History and the Public Conference, Institute of Historical Research, 13-14 February 2006.
    Verhaegan Lecture 2006, Free University of Brussels, ‘Freemasonry and British Radical Traditions from Carlile to Besant’, 1 March 2006
    ‘John Lane’s Masonic Records’, Historic Houses Group, Library and Museum of Freemasonry, 15 March 2006
    ‘Digitisation of Medieval Manuscripts’, University of Wales AHRC training in palaeography workshop, Gregynog, 18 March 2006
    ‘Why Research the Royal Arch?’, South Yorkshire Chapter of Installed Principals, Thorne, 24 March 2006
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